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Through various techniques, we can help you heal from all aspects of life. The three-pronged physical, mental, and energetic healing approach is the ultimate approach to overall recovery. However, it is just as beneficial to start with one approach. 



Congratulations on your pregnancy! We believe that your pregnancy should be enjoyable, not painful. Therefore, we do all that is in our power through special adjustments, exercises, and home recommendations to ensure that your pregnancy will be as pain-free as possible. However, your labor may be shorter, and the pain levels significantly decrease.
Dr. Shine uses a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment called the Webster Technique, which reduces the nervous system's interference and balances the pelvic muscles and ligaments. This can improve function in the mother's pelvis and contribute to easier labor and delivery.



Chiropractic Care is a natural, non-invasive approach to health care.
Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism, controlled by the brain, spinal cord, and nerves of the body. The vertebrae, which protect the nervous system, when misaligned or lose their normal motion, cause malfunction of the tissues and organs throughout the body. The role of a wellness chiropractor is to support innate intelligence and remove interferences in the spine and other joints in the body, allowing the body to self-regulate and self-heal.

Energy Healing

Energy frequently stagnates in the body where an injury has occurred, either to the emotional or the physical body.
Over time, these energy blocks are prone to cause illness in various forms, often unexplained by modern medical science. 
When illness occurs but cannot be found in the body's physical systems, we must look at the emotional and spiritual aspects.



Breathwork is a powerful practice that involves consciously controlling and regulating your breath to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By focusing on specific breathing patterns and techniques, breathwork aims to reduce stress, increase relaxation, enhance focus, and promote overall health. The benefits of breathwork are numerous, including reduced anxiety and depression, improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, better digestion, and heightened self-awareness. Incorporating breathwork can lead to profound positive changes in your life, offering a gateway to greater calmness, clarity, and vitality.



Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy, also known as PEMF, is a drug-free, non-invasive, pain-relief alternative treatment, which also promotes accelerated healing for ailments and injuries. In addition, PEMF therapy improves sleep, mental focus, and the body’s overall performance by helping the energy output and regeneration of the body’s cells.

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Happiness Mentoring

A mentor or coach can help you gain perspective. We will allow you to discover your inner self and see what is holding you back from living the life where you are the leading role and not the supporting actress.
We will help you integrate your thoughts, connect your soul to your spirit and restore your internal balance.
​If you are struggling with identity, "who am I" because you have lost yourself, are stuck in a downward spiral of self-sabotage, or keep repeating the same patterns because you don't know how to stop it, plus so much more, we can help.

The Works

This is my personal favorite. The works combine all three modalities of Physical, Emotional, and Energetic Healing. 
This one-hour session will ensure that you are aligned emotionally, energetically, and physically.


This is the perfect session for anyone dealing with stress and anxiety, life trauma, or ready to take the next step in healing.

In our time together, you will receive:
​Bodywork and or chiropractic to release some stuck energy.
Cranial work connects energy pathways, gets rid of headaches, or releases stuck sinuses.
In addition, I will use Reiki, tuning forks, or gong bowls will be used to increase the vibration of the body to get it performing at the most optimal level.
Also, when needed, intuitive guidance from the higher realms.

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